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Neuro Spiritual Integration Seminar

The journey of the soul through this life transition and beyond is the greatest responsibility we can carry, for our children, our loved ones and ourselves. As practitioners we are placed in a unique position of assisting our clients on through their life transitions and help to clarify patterns, lessons & opportunities that they present with in the clinic. Neuro Spiritual Integration (NSI) is the culmination of over fifteen years of clinical practice and many years of study in various spiritual traditions. Peter has studied shamanism with Professor Ralph Locke and is a ceremonial leader with the Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society. He has combined this work with a deep understanding of neurology and the interface between neurology & soul.

Our neurology is the landscape for the expression of the soul. With an inadequate access to basic brain function our journey through life can be less harmonious, stressful and even cause some of us to get to a state where life is just too difficult and may choose to exit prematurely, ie, head for an early grave. Establishing basic brain integration can free up our spirit/soul to express it’s full potential and we can live a life fully engaged, joyful & fully present to the being that we truly are meant to be.

The course will cover the following:

  • Primary neurological switching, A profound contribution in the area of brain function
  • Using the acupuncture system to stabilise the neurology at a fundamental level
  • The soul journey from the major traditions
  • Shamanic practice; the soul’s journey
  • The soul & basic body structure & function
  • Heart-Brain Integration
  • Neuro Structural Integration Balance
  • Energetic Systems Balance
  • Transpersonal & neurological interface between body & soul
  • And Much More

Cost: $1200

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The NSI course has been accredited by the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA)

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