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Neural Emotional Pathways Seminars

Neural Emotional Pathways (NEPS) is taught in 3 levels. Learn how to format for specific brainstem nuclei including the peri-aqueductal grey matter (PAG). This is the grey matter of the reptilian brain. The amygdaloid primary emotions have circuits through the PAG affecting various neurological circuits in the brain and body. This will allow you to balance the emotional systems of fear, rage, panic, seeking, care, lust, and confusion.

NEPS also looks at the neural emotional systems affecting sleep disorders, and mental disorders such as schizophrenia, eating disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. The neural systems involving consciousness, addiction and stress are also taught.

NEPS is one of the most comprehensive courses for formatting and balancing these primary emotional systems. When balanced our emotional, mental and spiritual well-being and general health are all significantly enhanced.

NEPS 1 (4 days)
NEPS 2 (3 days)
NEPS 3 (3 days)
Pre-requisites: A & P of the Brain, Brain Hologram 1, LEAP, Brain Formatting.

Brain Formatting

A course which provides an introduction to brain formatting, a model of how formatting works, the treatment triangle showing the relationship between psychology, subtle anatomy, general anatomy & physiology. Learn how to format for complex stress patterns using pause-lock, the jaw stacking mechanism, an introduction to the nervous system, & the Applied Physiology/Neural Systems Kinesiology Formatting system.

2 Days
Pre-requisites: Touch for Health 1 or equivalent

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