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Clinic Practice

Peter takes an integrated approach to healing in his clinic. Using the knowledge of eastern and western medicine and science and the profound and cutting edge technologies of Kinesiology, he takes a more transpersonal approach to healing and clinical practice.

Transpersonal medicine looks beyond the symptoms of the client to a broader and more comprehensive landscape to create a container for healing to occur. It looks at the spectrum from the physical and neurological to the more psycho-spiritual aspects of our being to create an experience of a journey. Practioner and client travel together rather than the more allopathic/mechanical approach of symptom management.

Transpersonal medicine avails the opportunity for deeper experience for the healing self to generate a wellness cycle far beyond that which would be otherwise possible. It is a paradigm shift and Peter has been able to meld modern and ancient healing technologies into a way of working that transcends the boundaries and yet makes possible a new consciousness and a new way of being. It is a process-oriented approach that moves us towards integration of body mind and spirit. It is about connection rather than separation, wholeness rather than fragmentation. It reaches into the heart and soul to find healing and transcendence. Sometimes it is not just about our bodies and our ailments but also more about who we are and how we travel in the world. We often need to find a centre within ourselves to be able to navigate the landscapes of our lives. To find a common thread that connects us to all humanity so we can be creative, safe and enlivened.