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Neural Organisation Technique Seminars

Neural Organisation Technique is the result of the genius of Dr. Carl Ferreri. It is the integration of over 40 years experience in Chiropractic, Sacro-Occipital Technique, Cranio-Sacral Technique and Applied Kinesiology. It is a systems oriented approach to body structure and function.

N.O.T. 1

A 4 day workshop which explores in detail the primary reflex survival systems ~feeding, fight/flight, reproduction and immune function. Learn powerful techniques to re-establish these primary functions including the primary gait mechanisms, cranial function and amelioration of head injury and TMJ dysfunction. These defence systems, when in deficit, are why the body has difficulty in healing itself. The N.O.T. protocols help the client to quickly regain their innate capacity for optimal function.

Course accreditation (AKA) for 32 Category B hours 

N.O.T. 2

This 4 day workshop re-establishes the primary function of the endocrine system and further develops the neural systems that harmonise the reactive muscle patterns in the body. These imbalances contribute to compromised immune function, cardiac and circulatory stress, digestive disorders and hormonal imbalance. 

Course accreditation (AKA) for 32 Category B hours

Cost: $1200 

Cost: $1200

 N.O.T 3

This 4 day workshop provides a comprehensive overview of NOT 1 & NOT 2 Student will learn profound techniques for emotional clearing to release deeply embedded emotional patterns from the subconscious and create new frameworks to provide healthy body, mind and spirit.

The workshop also teaches us to balance reflexes that treat the conditions of scoliosis and learning disabilities. These neural reflexes have a profound effect on re-organisation of the body's posture, balance and coordination.

Further techniques for joint injury and muscle imbalances are learnt. There are many corrections that balance  individual deficits that create disharmony and stress within the body  that can cause extreme disorganisation in our overall structure and function.

This  workshop provides an opportunity for students to review and integrate all learnings from NOT 1,  NOT 2 and NOT 3 as well as supervised practice and assessment leading to proficiency.  

Course accreditation (AKA) for 32 Category B hours.   

Cost: $1200 inclusive of GST

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NOT courses have been accredited by the Australian Institute of Kinesiology (AIK) and the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA)

Student Testimonial:

"I have been a Kinesiologist for over ten years and throughout that time I have participated in many courses, training and workshops.  Although doing  NOT 1 with Peter was the third time I had I have done the NOT 1 course,  it was first time I have studied with Peter.   I was astounded at just how much more I learnt in those four days and would say that Peter is hands down one of the best teachers I have come across in Kinesiology.  His integrity with the work, his passion and dedication to Kinesiology, and his knowledge were inspiring.  I have found N.O.T to be one of the most powerful and rewarding techniques to work with and the results speak for themselves. I believe NOT should be a compulsory part of every Kinesiologists' regime, so if you are looking to up-skill, add to your knowledge and give even more to your clients, take the opportunity to learn N.O.T with Dr. Peter McLellan."

Terese Mudgway, Kinesiologist. Sydney, Australia            

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