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Transpersonal Medicine & Kinesiology Centre

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"We will undertake a healing journey together. We will create an environment where body, mind and spirit come together in a regenerative experience, to facilitate and create health and wellbeing and a new awareness and wisdom on all levels of our being. This is a  nurturing life affirming and vitalising human covenant. 


Dr. Peter McLellan

In his thirty years of experience in both Australia and America, Peter has seen the profound effects of Kinesiology. He notes that children as well as adults benefit from the work. In fact, it's children who often exhibit the most effective and immediate results, especially with specific learning difficulties such as ADD and ADHD, behavioural problems, neurological disorders such as Down's Syndrome, cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He also helps adults and children with structural problems, including back pain, TMJ, head injury and cranial dysfunction.

Peter has pioneered significant developments in techniques which help people with neurological problems. Clients with epilepsy can become asymptomatic, and babies recover from birth trauma. Recovery from birth trauma can be particularly dramatic. Through work with the neural reflexes in the skull and body and neurological sequencing of the cranial bones, babies achieve normalisation of the organisation of motor function, TMJ, and walking gate mechanisms. The physiology of the brain, spine and internal organ systems such as the endocrine and digestive tract may also be compromised in birth trauma and other trauma and can be normalised with these treatments.

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